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About Us

Welcome to Through My Father's Eyes Photography!


Every moment is precious, every moment is unique, every moment is captured...


I consider myself an artist that paints with light.  An artist that brings, out the true essence, beauty, and intimate moments of your occasion.  Anyone can take a picture, but it takes skill and talent to create a portrait.  The skill and talent I posses is a gift from God and it is through His eyes that I am able to highlight the beauty of my clients and create portraits that tell a story.


Through My Father's Eyes Photography specializes in on location photography where we come to you, at any location, to create a comfortable and cozy environment. 


Let Through My Father's Eyes Photography create a work of art that captures the most precious expressions and moments of you and your loved ones.   


Again, Thank You for choosing Through My Fathers Eyes photography, where we paint the souls into portraits.

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